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Mistakes To Avoid When Doing SEO

Search engine optimization is something that you need to do, especially if you want your Internet Marketing business to be a success. If you want to be found on Google, you need to do proper search engine optimization. This is how you will be ranked and how people will find you. It's important that you get it right. Proper SEO techniques are easy to find - there are literally thousands of articles on this very topic. Instead of teaching you what to do, this article teaches you what not to do.

Hopefully by avoiding these mistakes you will save yourself some time and only move forward in terms of your success.

What is so great about things now is there are so many resources available for free and that includes Google, too. You have probably heard of Google Trends, and that offers some unique data that can be used. The Google EKT, External Keyword Tool, is perhaps one of the most known research tools for keywords. You can buy other keyword software tools, and some of them are excellent, but if you're on a budget then you cannot be it.

Your online "neighborhood" needs to be examined. Most people will check out the neighborhood when they move to a new location. Isn't this something that you would do? You want to know what's around you. The Internet is exactly the same.

Sometimes your "neighbors" will be sharing parts of your IP address - you find out who your neighbors are with an IP Checker. The spiders are typically limited to certain areas of the web, all pre-determined by Google - if your IP is there, you won't get indexed! Never use an IP address that has any similarity to what Internet spammers will use - this can also be detrimental to your rankings!

Not using different anchor texts. Ranking for two or three keywords is usually the goal of most online marketers trying to get rankings on Google or Yahoo. This goal is the one that everyone has. Your keyword phrases should never be limited to just two or three. For one thing it will get boring - both for you and your readers. The appearance of two or three keywords a multitude of times in a very long online document will be regarded by the Google spiders is some form of keyword stuffing. Instead, you should be shooting for variety in the content. Mix it up a little bit! When you first do search engine optimization, it can seem very difficult. Even the most skilled individuals will still make mistakes. That is just how it is. We have only listed a few common mistakes in this article. In fact, there are many more mistakes that you could potentially make each and every day. When you are done reading this, you will be able to avoid some of the mistakes that we have discussed.